Scheduling Information

How to intentionally schedule for next school year:

Are you selecting courses that will best prepare you to reach your post-secondary enrollment, employment, or enlistment goals?

What is the 'E' that you have identified?

  • If your 'E' is to Enlist, you should consider scheduling Naval Science (NJROTC).

  • If your 'E' is to Employ, you should consider taking classes in the Career Technical Department to prepare you for your industry (including Career Academy and Senior-Only programs).

  • If your 'E' is to Enroll, you should be taking a well-rounded, rigorous college preparatory course load that includes either AP or CCP courses.

What careers have you identified in Xello?

  • College and Career Readiness Lessons are implemented during Advisory periods, once a month. Results of these lessons will help you align with your future career interests.

Not sure if you will enjoy the class?

  • What a better time to try! If you take a high school class and don't enjoy it, then you have saved yourself from pursuing an option that's not for you!

These questions should guide your selection of classes for the 2022-2023 school year. Be intentional!

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