Principal's Welcome

A Message from the Desk of Mr. Donahue

Dear Falcon Families,

It is that time of year again, we are getting ready for another exciting school year.  I hope everyone has had an enjoyable and safe summer.  For every student, and especially freshman students, the start of the school year can be a time of uncertainty as they learn a new schedule, or a new school, or a new town for students who have moved to FHHS. We have set up a number of start-of-school events to help make the transition a smooth one and encourage students and families to participate in these events: 

I’d like to welcome & introduce our new certificated staff members for this coming school year: 

All students are encouraged to find a club, activity, or sport to join; students who are involved are more likely to be successful in school. We have a list of clubs and activities at FHHS available on our website, that students can explore and will have opportunities throughout the fall to learn more about our many clubs and activities. 

The start of the year is always an exciting time - one of renewal, fresh starts, and new opportunities. I encourage students to consider each day what their goals are.  What  their future plans are - enroll in postsecondary education, go directly into employment, or enlist in the military - and how the things they do at FHHS can help them achieve those goals. All staff members can help with these goals or explore what opportunities are available. Throughout the year, students are welcome to work with any of their teachers, their counselor, the administrators, or other staff here in the building to ensure their success. High school is a team effort and we thank you for your continued partnership and support. If there is anything we can assist with to start the year, please reach out to our office. 

The main office is open everyday from 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM.  Administrators are on duty everyday if you have questions.  Please do not hesitate to stop by the school with any questions or to call the main office at (614) 801-3200.

Counseling Team:

Katie Binkley - Last Names A -Em

Anna Coyne - Last names En - Li

Victoria Metzinger - Last names Lj - Ro

Katie Emswiler - Last names Rp - Z


Tim Donahue, Principal (12th grade)

Brock Mullins, Athletic Director (11th grade)

Jill Siemer, Assistant Principal (10th grade)

Julie Travis, Assistant Principal (9th grade)

Be nice/work hard/have fun.  Go Falcons!


Tim Donahue, Principal

Franklin Heights High School

School Vision

Graduates of Franklin Heights will be prepared with the academic, social, and emotional skills to be successful in their CHOSEN path, college, career, or military, after high school.