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On January 19, 2022, 25 Franklin Heights High School DECA students traveled to Columbus State Community College to participate in the first part of their DECA competitive events.  DECA is a student organization that prepares young men and women for careers in business, finance, hospitality, or entrepreneurship.  Students were given real-life scenarios in which they would present the solution to a judge.  Some students created Business plans for start up businesses or promotional plans for events or products and presented those to a judge.  Later that week the students took a knowledge test about marketing and business.  The following students won awards in their events:

1st- Rahma Abdalla-Start-up Business

1st -Drew Chapman, Johnny Plaugher, Noah Adkins - Innovation Business Plan

1st-Sundus Eleye & Jazmyne McKinney - Integrated Marketing Plan - Event

2nd-Madison Yingling, Kaitlyn Thompson - Innovation Business Plan

2nd-Halima Sidow - Start-up Business Plan

2nd-Randy Spraw - Business Services Series

2nd-Jeremy Hernandez Revilla - Apparel and Accessories Series

3rd-Abdi Madar-Quick Serve Series

3rd-Lima Aweys - Human Resource Management

4th -Jason Huerta - Marketing Communication Series

4th -Gunner Nagle -Human Resource Management

5th -Brooklyn Smith/Eva Marcum - Hospitality and Tourism Team Event

5th - Abdi Ali - Retail Series

5th - Noah Brooks - Principles of Hospitality