Franklin Heights High School NJROTC has a long history of excellence. It is the 4th oldest NJROTC in the country and was founded in 1967. If you have any questions about our program, you may contact Matthew Bradshaw, Senior Naval Science Instructor, at 614-801-3261 or matthew.bradshaw@swcsd.us.

From the desk of Commander Bradshaw:

On Jan 22nd of 2020 Franklin Heights Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Unit conducted their annual inspection in "The Falcon's Nest".

This year the JROTC Unit was visited by the Area Three Manager, Commander Joe Hankins out of Great Lakes Naval Station. Every two years the JROTC unit is inspected by the Area Three Manager. This inspection is more thorough and more important than the "offsite" inspection which occurs every other year.

The inspection involved a personnel inspection which lasts up to 90 minutes. The personnel inspection evaluates a Cadet's knowledge and also their appearance in uniform. Attention to detail and military bearing are a key part of a Cadet's success during this event.

The next phase of the inspection involves the presentation of the color guard, followed by a drill team demonstration. The finale involves the entire company conducting a "Pass in Review". This year the Cadets executed all three events flawlessly and were lauded by the Inspector for their performance.

The final phase of the inspection consists of a brief given to the Inspector by the Cadet Staff. The Inspector also looks at the Cadet's records and conducts an inspection of the spaces for cleanliness and organization.

The 2020 inspection was a resounding success as Franklin Heights JROTC unit passed with flying colors!